Zero Latency Linear Video Coding

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Plenary meeting

Our next plenary meeting will be held on Monday Dec. 12th 2022.

The program is:

13.00-13.10 Opening of the meeting

13h10-13h40 WP0: Demonstrator specifications

13h45-14h15 WP1 : Advances on ZL-oriented encoder design
* Theoretical study of the prediction process (Mohammed + Michel: one of them could illustrate the contribution)

14h15 – 14h45 WP2: Advances on interpolation techniques. Avenues for the future
Melan + Marco + Giuseppe + Enzo
* Online learning; NN architectures; ways forward

14h45 – 15h15 WP3: Modelling the latency/PSNR relationship: Hind work (IEMN+Marco)
15h15 – 15h45 WP4: Work schedule for the demonstrator (led by Ektacom?)
15h45 – 16h Closing



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